• fast shipping (public holidays might lead to delays)
  • e-mail support: info@vamos-skateshop.com
  • free griptape with every deck
  • fast shipping (public holidays might lead to delays)
  • e-mail support: info@vamos-skateshop.com
  • free griptape with every deck
Revive Skateboards Europe - Vamos Skateshop. Buy Revive Skateboard Deck at the Vamos Skateshop in Germany. Shipping All over Europe! VMS Distribution


Get a fresh new deck from brands like Primitive, Revive, 3Block, Drip, Vamos, DGK, Element, Real, Blind, RipNDip and many more!

Force Wheels Europe - Vamos Skateshop. Buy Force Wheels, Spitfire, Empire and more at the Vamos Skateshop in Germany. Shipping All over Europe! VMS Distribution


Choose from a large selection of Shapes, Materials, Sizes, Prices and Brands like Spitfire, Force, Empire, SML, Shark Wheel, Mob and more!

Vamos Skateshop Europe Griptape - Shop brands like AmGrip, Jessup, MOB, Grizzly, Clear Grip, Colorful Grip, Glitter Grip, Shake Junt, Ripndip and many more brands. We also offer requested cuts in your size


We have everything when it comes to Grip too. Huge selection of brands, colors, sizes and even cuts in your requested sizes!

Vamos Skateshop Europe Trucks - Thunder, Venture, Tensor, Silver Trucks, Destructo, Grindking, Fifty, Amok, Longboard, Core, Rellik, Part, Polster and more


Everything you need from Venture, Thunder, Destructo, Silver & Royal up to fair price beginner models!


Hardware, Tools, Glue, Protection, Handboards, Skater Trainer, DVDs and lots of other gear is waiting for you!

Vamos Skateshop Sale - Special Sales and Deals - Vamos Shop Sale Section. Shop Sale Decks, Wheels, Bearings and More

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CHECK OUT: Drip Skateboards & Empire Wheels New Gear!

RECOMMENDATIONS | Current recommendations from our shop. Decks, Wheels, Trucks, Hardware, Bearings or Clothing. We have your back! Enjoy scrolling through the store :)

DECKS | Get some fresh decks Boards from brands like Element, Primitive, Vamos, Blind, ReVive, 3Block, Plan B, RIPNDIP, Real, Trap, DGK and many more companys. We also have a big amount of price point, cruiser & oldschool decks in stock. FREE GRIP with every deck!

VAMOS DECKS | Looking for great quality skateboard decks made out of 100% finest canadian maple? Then go and grab one of our Vamos Skateboards® decks. Huge selection, fair prices and finest quality since 2012. Enjoy the ride! FREE GRIP with every deck!

GRIPTAPE | Jessup, MOB, AmGrip, Black Diamond, Grizzly, Enjoy, RIPNDIP and more well-known brands. We also have a huge assortment of colorful grip, printed grips, clear-grip, 4-pieces and handmade grip from "Goly"!

WHEELS | Check out our huge selection of skateboard wheels with amazing brands like Spitfire, Bones, Empire, SML, Trap, Primitive, Mob, Force, Dual D's and many more. All kind of different hardships, sizes & shapes. We also have your back when you are on a budget with our high quality blank wheels in many different colors.

TRUCKS | Venture, Thunder, Silver, Polster, Destructo, Grindking, Royal, Tensor, Part, Core or Raw Trucks. We have everything from slim to super wide. Trucks from the big well-known companys and even cheaper great quality alternatives when you are on a budget. All kind of colors, super light, low, mid, high and Discount-sets.

HARDWARE You can also rely on us for hardware sets, spare parts, screws and nuts, riser pads, bushings or other truck parts. As usual, a large assortment in all possible lengths, widths, colors, hardnesses and materials from many different brands. You can also find savings sets and items for the maintenance of your skate stuff with us.

Vamos Skateshop International - Vamos Skateboards teamrider Nadia Scherer Austria

Welcome to the Vamos Skateshop!

Your point of contact for the best skate stuff at fair prices. We offer a wide range of decks from many brands, wheels, trucks, bearings, grip tape, hardware and much more. Even if you want to renew your worn-out shoes or make them more durable, we have your back offering new shoes from various brands or all well-known & good adhesives such as Shoe Goo, AllStarGum, Ripcare, etc. You will find it here :)

We also have exclusive brands such as 3Block, Revive, Force, AmGrip, Motiv & Braille in our range. Our focus is clearly on customer satisfaction, which is why we pack and ship your orders as quickly as possible.

We stand for fast, Europe-wide shipping and within Germany we deliver free of charge from 40 € value of goods.

Feel free and head over to our ABOUT US section.